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For Program Directors


Ghana lecture

Art and Religion Class


Step 1A: Talk to your department chair to get authorization for your course and time away.
Step 1B: Talk to a staff member in the Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education.
Step 2: Write a study away program proposal by using the appropriate link below. Paige Blankenship, Assistant Director of Study Away and International Education to schedule a planning meeting or to ask questions.

Step 3a: Submit your Study Away program proposal by emailing it to Paige Blankenship
Step 3b: Submit all new courses through the Curriculog process.
Step 4: Obtain approval from the department chair, Study Away Committee, and Curriculum Committee. The faculty will then vote on new programs.
Making Payments:
Send all requests for payments (invoices, wire transfers, check requests) to Paige Blankenship. Please make sure to include the appropriate forms listed on this page.

Spend Authorization in Workday: Submit and get approval prior to using your Furman credit card to make a purchase.

Domestic Payments
W-9 (required for all domestic payments made by check)

International Payments
W-8BEN (Individuals) & W-8BEN Instructions (required for all international payments made by invoice or wire transfer)
W-8BEN-E (Entities) & W-8BEN-E Instructions (required for all international payments made by invoice or wire transfer)
Wire Transfer Form (required for all wire transfers)

While Away:
Expense Tracking Spreadsheet (for tracking your cash and TAP expenses)
Honorarium Form (for international programs only when paying non-US citizens for lectures)
Student Cash Disbursement Form
Receipt Verification Form
Recruiting Students:
When recruiting students think about ways to advertise your program: post flyers and share with Study Away; post on social media; host information sessions; participate in the Study Away Fair.
Selecting Students:
Study Away Application Portal
Study Away Application Portal Instructions