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Non-Furman Program Questions

I want to apply for a non-Furman program, but I do not know where to start.
Students who are interested in applying for a non-Furman program should schedule an appointment with the study away adviser.
Do I have to apply through Furman to participate in a Non-Furman Program? What is the deadline?
You will have to complete two applications (1) a Non-Furman (Semester or Summer) Application and (2) the Program’s application. You must receive approval from Furman's Associate Academic Dean to participate in a non-Furman program by completing Leave of Absence steps. Application deadlines for Non-Furman programs vary, and you are responsible for completing the applications prior to the deadlines.
How competitive are the non-Furman Programs?
Non-Furman program competitiveness varies by program. Students are encouraged to apply before the deadline, review program eligibility requirements, and review their application several times before submitting it to the non-Furman program.
How much does it cost to participate in a non-Furman Program? Can my financial aid apply to a non-Furman?
Program cost vary for non-Furman programs. When considering programs, make sure to review the program costs and out-of-pocket expenses during the program to be borne by the student. Look into student provisions for each program in comparison to other programs.

Students will not be able to apply their Furman institutional aid to a Non-Furman program. Students also are not apply to apply for any Furman Study Away Scholarships. Students may apply for additional aid through the non-Furman program directly or through other outside funding resources to help alleviate the cost of the program. Many non-Furman programs offer their own need-based scholarships!
How do I get credit for classes that I take while on a non-Furman Program?
Students must complete a Transfer Course Authorization Form before the start of their program to determine how their courses may be received at Furman University. This process can take up to 6 weeks so students are encouraged to complete the form well in advance.
How do I get billed for a Non-Furman program?
As students are on a Leave of Absence from Furman University, you will be billed by the program directly for all costs. You will not be billed by Furman University for your non-Furman study away program.