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General Questions


What is the difference between Study Away and Study Abroad?

Furman offers Faculty-led Semester and May Experience programs both abroad and within the United States, so by participating in one of these programs, you might not be abroad, but you will be ‘studying away’ from Furman.

Why should I pursue a Study Away program?

Study Away, whether through a domestic off-campus program or internationally, adds an engaged learning experience into your four-year pathway at Furman University. Through our study away programs, students gain:

  • Academic & professional opportunities in new and unique environments
  • Engaged learning experiences that make you more competitive in the global marketplace and add to the well-rounded nature of a liberal arts education
  • Meaningful engagement and reflection with new cultures and ideas
  • Development of professional skills such as critical thinking, flexibility, language proficiency, and intercultural competence

Where can I study away?

Study away programs are available all over the world, including within the United States! Programs in countries and regions that have been assigned a Level 3 Travel Advisory by the U.S. Department of State or the Center for Disease Control undergo additional scrutiny for approval. Students may not participate in a program that has a Travel Advisory of Level 4.

Do I need to know a foreign language to study away?

No. While Furman University offers foreign language programs for students who wish to focus their courses on language acquisition, we also offer programs across the world where students can take their course-load in English. However, even if you are not going on a language focused program we highly recommend you sign up to take a local language course if your program offers it! Students can also take a combination of courses in English and a foreign language if desired. 

Will my grades count towards my GPA?

Study Away courses taught by Furman faculty members will count as usual toward a student's Furman GPA. Courses taught by host institutions are not counted toward the Furman GPA. When grades of C- or above are earned for transfer courses, Furman will count the credits for the experience toward the overall 128 need for graduation. Keep in mind, however, that graduate and professional schools often recalculate the GPA to include all undergraduate courses, even those taken while studying away.

When can I apply for study away?

Students may participate on a study away program anytime from the MayX/Summer term after their first year all the way through the MayX term after their senior graduation.

How soon should I start planning for study away?

Students may start planning and researching a potential study away experience as soon as their first year at Furman University. It is important to let your academic adviser know that you may be interested in a potential study away program, especially if it is during the semester, so that you can organize an academic course schedule that would be best for you. You may also contact our study away adviser, Caitlynne Goodlett, to discuss any questions you may have about the process.

How do I find out what study away programs are offered each year?

Furman typically announces its study away courses for the following academic year at the annual Study Away Fair during Family Weekend in the fall semester. A list of Furman's study away programs, including Faculty-led, Affiliate and Exchange Programs can be found on the Application Portal page.

What types of study away programs does Furman offer?

Furman’s Study Away opportunities range from three week intensive May Experience courses to semester or year-long programs, both domestically and abroad. Students can choose from Furman faculty-led programs, study away programs through affiliate or exchange organizations, or a non-Furman program. Some of these study away opportunities may include internships, language immersions, interdisciplinary courses, or enrollment at partnering universities abroad.

Do I have to apply to a program that is in my major?

No, Furman’s study away programs are open to all majors, but some programs have other prerequisites to acceptance. Check with the program’s faculty director if you have questions.

Can I do more than one study away program over my four years at Furman?

With careful planning, it is possible for students to study away more than once. Students wishing to participate in consecutive semester programs should talk to their study away adviser about scheduling and pre-departure requirements.

What year do most Furman students study away?

The majority students participate on a semester study away experience during their junior year; however, students often participate in study away experiences during their sophomore and senior years as well.

I’m a transfer student. Can I still study away?

Yes, transfer students may participate in Study Away programs. You should meet with both your academic adviser and study away adviser about your specific situation and credit needs. It is good to start this process as early as possible.

Will other Furman students be studying away with me?

Students participating on a Furman Faculty-Led program will participate with only other Furman students. The number of other Furman students participating on Affiliate, Exchange and Non-Furman programs varies each semester.

What are the housing arrangements for study away?

The housing options vary widely from program to program from living in a residence hall or dormitory, to an apartment, to living with a host family. Each option possesses their own benefits. You can review which housing options are available for each program within their individual brochures.  If it is an option to choose from, the Rinker Center highly recommends students consider the host family option.  We have learned from experience that host families offer students the strongest cultural engagement opportunities and a support network while abroad.

Where do I find information about specific program details?

For faculty-led programs, the program’s faculty director will have the most detailed, and up to date information. For information on affiliate and exchange programs, please make an appointment with the study away adviser.

Can I go on a study away program through a program not offered at Furman?

Yes. Students approved for a leave of absence from Furman University may participate on programs not offered at Furman (Non-Furman Programs). Scholarships and aid may not be applied to Non-Furman programs. Please view our Non-Furman Program FAQ section for further information.

Where can I get more information about my health and safety concerns?

Students can review our Health and Safety page and our Identity and Study Away page. These pages provide relevant information and resources for students who are considering or participating in a study away experience.

How do I vote if I am studying internationally?

Students who would like to vote while overseas should register to vote and request an absentee ballot to be completed before going abroad. You can learn more through the U.S. State Department’s website.