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Application and Process Questions


How do I apply to study away? What is the application deadline?

The deadlines differ between programs, but applications are usually due between November and January of the year preceding the program. See current program application deadlines.

What is the maximum numbers of programs to which I can apply?

You can apply to up to three study away programs per semester (3 Fall semester programs and 3 Spring semester programs). Additionally, students can apply for three MayX/Summer programs. If you are accepted into more than one program, you have the option to choose in which program you want to participate.

How should I choose a study away program? What are the most important things to consider before studying away?

Students interested in studying away should review our program listings, attend a Study Away General Information Session, meet with a Study Away Adviser, and attend any program-specific interest meetings that are offered. The most important thing about a study away program is that it fits your needs. When deciding which program is best for you, make sure you think about the program’s structure, language of instruction, academic offerings, and eligibility. Also, take into consideration the length of the program, any additional costs for the program, housing options and how the program relates to your personal and professional goals.

How competitive are Furman’s Study Away programs? How many students are accepted?

Most programs accept 10-20 students, with the majority averaging around 17 students. Depending on the program, they can be quite competitive. Some programs always have a large number of applicants. We recommend talking to the faculty director about a specific program to gauge the competitiveness. Students are not guaranteed to be accepted to any program.

How do I find out what courses are offered in each Study Away program?

Courses for Faculty-led programs will be listed on the program’s online information page under academics. You can ask the program’s faculty director for more information about the course requirements and expectations. Furman Faculty-led programs include 4 courses in a Semester and 2 courses for a MayX program. Some study away programs include courses enrolled through another university.

For information about Affiliate and Exchange courses, contact the study away adviser or review the course listings provided on each programs online brochure under the Academic section. Students participating in an exchange or affiliate information should be aware how the courses transfer back to Furman. Students may complete a Transfer Course Authorization form to learn how their desired affiliate or exchange classes may be credited at Furman.


I am a STEM major. Can I still study away?

Yes! There are study away offerings for students majoring within the STEM field. STEM Students who are interested in studying away should talk with their academic adviser and study away adviser early on to determine scheduling, programs and courses that would be right for you given your academic needs.

I have a major that doesn’t allow for a semester away from Furman. What are my options?

You have a few options. May Experience programs are a good way for students to have an experience abroad if they are required to be on campus for specific courses, sports, or any other reason. You could also participate in a summer program that is not affiliated with Furman.

Does GPA affect whether or not you will be accepted to a program?

Some faculty directors use GPA to choose students for their program, but it is not the sole factor which leads to acceptance or rejection from a program. Most affiliate and exchange programs have GPA requirements of 2.75 and above. If you are concerned about a GPA requirement, contact the faculty leader or the Rinker Center regarding these requirements.

If I turn in my application early, will it improve my chances of acceptance?

All applications are officially reviewed after the application deadline and all students will receive their status on the same day (two weeks after acceptance). However, in turning in your application early, this may provide faculty the time to complete a more detailed review of your application.

How can I make my application more competitive?

Students are encouraged to reach out to the faculty leaders or advisers and attend program-specific information sessions to learn more about the program and its requirements. Competitive applications consist of well-written, professional responses that consider how the program fits into their academic, professional and personal pathways. Responses should provide program-specific examples rather than general ideas that can be applied across applications. Students are encouraged to research provided program experiences or opportunities, housing options, and specific course interests if the student is participating on an affiliate or exchange program.

Some questions to think about while deciding and completing your applications include:

Which/How will the study away program help you reach your career goals?
Which/How will the  study away program contribute to your resume in the best way?
Which/How will the study away program enhance your academic experience at Furman?
Which/How will the study away program push you outside of your comfort zone?
Which/How will the study away program help you meaningfully engage with the local culture?

I am having trouble submitting my application. What should I do?

If you are having any issues in submitting your application, please email

I made a mistake. How can I edit my questionnaire after having submitted it?

If you have made a mistake on your application before the application deadline, please email If you realize you have made a mistake after the application deadline, please alert our office immediately.

I started an application, withdrew it, and now want to apply again for the program but can’t. How can I start my application again?

Please contact so one of our staff members may reactivate your application.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Since our programs operate on very tight schedules, we are not be able to accept late applications. Students who missed a deadline may also reach out to the program director/contact to ask if they would be able to accept a late application. Some programs may re-open for additional applications after the first round of decisions but that is based on available capacity and at the program director’s discretion.

When will I find out if I have been accepted to a program?

Students will receive their program decisions two weeks after the application deadline. Please check the Rinker Center calendar on our website for the deadline of the term you are interested in studying away.

I have been waitlisted to a program. What now?

Program directors usually have more students apply than they have the capacity to accept. Waitlisted does not mean you were rejected. Generally speaking, spots tend to open 2 to 3 weeks after decisions are announced as students begin to decline offers. Please contact the study away office if you have any questions or concerns.

I was not accepted to a program. What now?

Please make an appointment with a study away adviser to talk about available options. Some programs continue to recruit students and study away staff can make recommendations. Students may also explore Non-Furman program options.