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Receiving Academic Credit & Transfer Credit

Academic Credit on Faculty-led Semester, MayX, & Summer Programs

Credits and grades earned in courses taught by Furman faculty contribute to degree requirements and the grade point average (GPA) on the same basis as on-campus instruction. Students are not permitted to Pass/No Pass or Audit during any study away program.

On select faculty-led semester programs, students take courses not taught by the faculty leader. These courses will be received as Transfer Course credit. Transfer credits are not factored into the student's GPA, and students must receive a C- or better to receive the designated academic credit for the course.


Transfer Credit Authorization Process for Affiliate, Exchange, & Non-Furman Semester & Summer Programs

Authority for approving transfer credit rests with the Registrar’s Office in Enrollment Services. The Registrar also determines whether a course satisfies a non-major graduation requirements and GERs. As part of the Furman application, all students will submit a Transfer Course Authorization form to Enrollment Services. If students later decide to switch to a course not on their initial list, it can be approved by emailing Enrollment Services as soon as possible.


Transfer Credit Process to Evaluate a Course of Interest for Academic Credit:

1. Prior to the start of you study away experience, look at the host institution website to identify courses of interest. You will want to identify at least twice as many courses as you plan to take in case of course cancellation and schedule conflicts.

2. Save the corresponding syllabus for each course as a pdf to your computer.

3. Download the Transfer Course Authorization Form from Furman's Enrollment Services Office and fill in the left side of the form. Leave the Furman course equivalency side blank. 

4.Take the form to your academic advisor to discuss your plans and courses.

5. Submit the completed Transfer Course Authorization Form and attach the corresponding syllabi to an email to the Enrollment Services Office 

The review process generally takes over 8 weeks, so it is essential for you to start the process early.

Transfer Course Information:

  • In order to earn the equivalent of four Furman semester courses (16 credits), your selected courses should be equivalent to 16 transferable semester hours (U.S. credits). Most students take 5 courses on affiliate programs for a total of 15 or 16 credits.

  • Students may not enroll in classes at Furman University while participating in a study away semester program

  • Students on academic probation cannot earn credit through transfer

  • Grades are not factored into the Furman GPA

  • A grade of at least a C- (or the equivalent) must be achieved in order for the academic credits to transfer into Furman University

  • Students who earn a grade (or equivalency) below a C- will not earn Furman academic credit for a course taken at another institution

  • Course credits that are transferred into Furman during an approved study away program will count toward the overall 128 credits needed for graduation

  • Pass/No pass and auditing are not permitted during study away programs

  • Withdrawing from a course requires permission from Furman University and the host institution since the student visa is contingent upon enrollment in the hosting institution

  • It is important to put in effort for transfer courses because students who apply for graduate school or professional schools are required to produce transcripts from all institutions of higher education which they have attended. A graduate school might recalculate the grades earned abroad into a student’s cumulative undergraduate GPA.

  • CLPs: Students on a semester study away faculty-led, affiliate, and exchange program are not considered enrolled on the Furman campus and therefore have their total CLP requirement adjusted accordingly. Students on a semester study away faculty-led, affiliate, and exchange program are not required to complete the 4 CLP credits for that semester, as they are not enrolled in on-campus courses.

School of Record Fee for Transcripts:

  • When applying to Affiliate or non-Furman study away programs, students must request and receive the official "school of record" transcript from the partner institution. The fee associated with obtaining the school of record is the responsibility of the student.

Send Final Program Transcript to:
Furman University
Enrollment Services
3300 Poinsett Hwy
Greenville, SC 29613

For further information and regulations around transfer credits, please visit Enrollment ServicesTransfer Credit page.